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Pangdam : Kodam IX/Udayana Soldiers Must Be Smart and Avoid The Slightest Violation

Gianyar – To maintain health and maintain excellent physical condition, the Kodam IX/Udayana Military Commander (Pangdam) together with Main Officials and Pamen Kodam IX/Udayana and Yonzipur 18/YKR Soldiers carried out leisure activities with start and finish points at the Yonzipur 18/YKR Command Headquarters, District Gianyar, on Tuesday (13/12/2022).

The leisurely walking activity covered a distance of about 7 km by crossing Kesatrian Street, Gambir Street, Sakura Street, Lebih Beach, Ratna Street, East Astina, Ngurah Rai Gianyar, and finishing back to Kesatrian Street which is the location of the Mako Yonzipur 18/YKR, it can be seen that the participants carried it out in full spirit and in an atmosphere of togetherness.

Upon arrival at Yonzipur 18/YKR Command Headquarters, Pangdam IX/Udayana General Major TNI Sonny Aprianto, S.E., M.M., gave directions to Yonzipur 18/YKR Soldiers. On this occasion the Pangdam expressed his appreciation to the Yonzipur 18/YKR Soldiers, especially when carrying out their duties of securing the Presidency of the G20 Summit in November 2022.

“You are great soldiers, because I see on the field you have shown serious performance in carrying out your duties according to your responsibilities. As Pangdam IX/Udayana, I thank you for carrying out your assigned duties,” said the Pangdam.

The Pangdam also said that as a soldier one must be smart and avoid even the slightest violation and love what one has as an Indonesian Army Soldier in general and Kodam IX/Udayana Soldiers in particular. By not committing a violation, it means that as a soldier you already love yourself, your family, units and institutions.

“Furthermore, as a soldier, you must be able to plan and prepare for old age, such as the need for clothing, food and shelter. This is intended so that one day facing retirement or old age will be ready,” said the Pangdam.

The Pangdam also hopes that Kodam IX/Udayana Soldiers will avoid debt if only for a consumptive life, except for things that require debt such as owning a house, for school children’s needs, and other things that may be unexpected (sick children or people old sick) which is impossible to avoid.

“Now it’s the end of 2022, we will welcome 2023 and in 2023 it must be even better. Keep up the enthusiasm to carry out the task sincerely and sincerely,” concluded the Military Commander ending his briefing. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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