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Ensure Compliance with Principles and Rules, Kodam IX/Udayana Receives BPK RI Team to Conduct Entry Meeting

Denpasar – BPK RI audit activities on the Mabes TNI budget distributed or received within the Kodam IX/Udayana is an implementation of the control function in modern management cycle to optimize system functions in an organization properly and correctly.

This was stated by the Pangdam IX/Udayana General Major TNI Sonny Aprianto, S.E., M.M., in his remarks during the Entry Meeting on the Examination of Financial Supervisory Agency of the Republic Indonesia (BPK RI) at the Kodam IX/Udayana Unit, which was held in the Airlangga Room of Makodam IX/Udayana, Denpasar, on Monday (5/12/2022).

“As the Pangdam IX/Udayana and personally, I would like to welcome Dalnis BPK RI and entourage at Kodam IX/Udayana. We hope that the implementation of inspection activities from the BPK RI in the ranks of the Kodam IX/Udayana can run in an orderly and smooth manner according to a predetermined plan,” said Pangdam.

The Pangdam further conveyed that this inspection activity was intended to ensure that each work unit within the Kodam IX/Udayana had guided the established program, complied with the principles and rules. Starting from planning to implementation and financial accountability, so as to avoid unexpected irregularities in budget management.

“The presence of the BPK RI Team will certainly provide corrections as well as input on performance the implementation of Work Program implementation mechanism. The BPK RI Team is a work partner who will help improve the quality of performance and eliminate any differences in understanding of the implementation of work programs and budgets carried out in the Kodam IX/Udayana units,” said Pangdam.

In order to help the smooth implementation of the inspection, Pangdam emphasizes the Audit Object, especially officials who manage the budget, to properly welcome the Examining Team according to norms and ethics and be full of openness in submitting answers and detailed explanations, so that the inspection activities in the Kodam IX/Udayana regional unit achieve target which is expected.

Furthermore, the event continued with the reading of the BPK RI Preliminary Briefing which was read by BPK RI Technical Controller 1 Muhamad Makruf Sipahutar, M.M., Ak., CA., CSFA., then followed by presentations from Aster Kasdam IX/Udayana and Paku TNI for the Bali Nusra region.

Also attending the event were Kasdam IX/Udayana, Irdam IX/Udayana, Kapok Sahli Pangdam IX/Udayana, Danrem 163/WSA, Aspers Kasdam IX/Udayana, Kakesdam IX/Udayana, Kasrem 161/WS, Kasrem 162/WB, Dandim 1611/Badung, Dandim 1609/Buleleng, Dandim 1610/Klungkung and Dandim 1617/Jembrana. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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